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Visualise™ were the first in Australia to offer stainless steel sphere braille products, as well as a certificate of compliance with every braille and tactile sign in our standard range.

This is yet another reason why so many architects, designers, and decision makers from all over Australia specify and insist on Visualise Braille & Tactile Signs – the sign that is setting the industry standard.

Visualise Braille & Tactile Signs are proudly designed in Australia by Signcraft Pty Ltd to a patented design incorporating smooth to touch raised and embedded tactile lettering and securely embedded stainless steel spheres for braille characters.

As well as being a pleasure to use, the standard range of Visualise Braille & Tactile Signs conform to the requirements of the building code of Australia D3.6, the requirements of the Australian standards AS1428.1, and with braille in accordance with the criteria set by the Australian braille authority standard, and in many cases have surpassed them in the demand to create the best possible product for the end user. Visualise braille & tactile signs have been designed to be impervious to a wide range of cleaning products and solvents.

To complement the high end Visualise™ range, we have designed and manufactured the Optimise braille range here in Australia. Optimise Braille is 3d printed on our state-of-the-art 3d press. It is a cost-effective braille solution with an anti-graffiti coating. It is also highly customizable, so we can meet all your bespoke requirements.

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