Sign Options


As well as our standard range we can manufacture signs with custom wording, orientation, colour or symbols to suit your requirements. Below are just some of the available options.

No Border Visualise Braille & Tactile Signs come standard with a 5mm border so they can be installed on any coloured wall and still be compliant. Every sign model is available without the border and if it is not required please select No Border when adding to the cart.

Sign Options

Directional Signs Visualise Braille & Tactile Signs are available with an arrow to indicate the direction to a facility. If required select either D1, D2, D3 or D4 when adding to the cart.

Directional ArrowsD1 Up/Ahead

Directional ArrowsD2 Right

Directional ArrowsD3 Down/Back

Directional ArrowsD4 Left

Toilet Symbol – The optional toilet symbol can be added to any toilet sign. This may see an increase in the width of the sign depending on the model. If required select the toilet symbol when adding to the cart.

MLAK The MLAK symbol indicates that the facility is locked with a Master Locksmith Access Key. More information on MLAK can be found at If required select the MLAK symbol when adding to the cart.


Colours Visualise Braille & Tactile Signs are available in a range of colours. The Visualise™ Braille & Tactile Colours Guide shows the range of colours available in our standard acrylic material. Please select colours when adding to the cart. We can also paint aluminium or acrylic signs or reverse apply paint or a vinyl print to clear acrylic signs.

Any Colour You Choose – Acrylic Range
We can apply coloured or printed vinyl to the reverse of clear acrylic and can also coat the tactile elements to colours of your choice.

Acrylic Colours - Any Colour   Acrylic Colours - Any Colour